Who is Triston John?

Hello! I am Triston John and this is my personal blog.

I’ve worked at a variety of enterprise software companies over the past 8+ years like Apple, Informa, Cockroach Labs, and Google.

For an even longer time, I’ve written and published creative and non-fiction content as a freelance writer and for my own personal enjoyment.

Presently I’m a Business Intelligence Sales Specialist at Google. (August 2021 – Present).

Before that, I was a Senior Business Development Rep at Cockroach Labs (selling Databases). Before that, I was briefly a Sales Development Rep at Handshake. I was there pre-acquisition, and briefly post-acquisition by Shopify selling a b2b e-commerce solution (which was fantastic, by the way!).

Before that, I was a Sales Manager at Knect365(Informa). There I sold attendance packages, (for teams 10+) to attend life sciences events. Before that, I was at Apple for roughly 4 years doing sales of iPhones and computers, apple insurance, etc, then I moved to operations where I worked with the backend teams and systems at Apple 5th Avenue in NYC. I’ve sold a lot of things, to say the least.

This blog represents my thoughts independent of any employers or entities that I do business with and is protected under my rights to free speech as a United States citizen.

I will publish content around subjects like technology, b2b sales strategies, productivity, tech careers, and writing. If you’re interested in connecting with me feel free to reach out to triston@tristonjohn.com. You can also follow me on LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading and all of the best!