4 Reasons To Start a Career In Tech Sales

Since we’ve discussed 4 reasons why you shouldn’t start a career in tech sales. I figured its only right that, in the name of balance, we look at things from the other perspective. So, for all the career transitioners out there or new grads or others, lets get into some of the reasons why you might want to consider a career in tech sales.

1. You have a genuine interest or passion for technology

At the heart of every good technology that we use today is the solution to a problem that we had yesterday. Cars replaced the horse and buggy. The horse and buggy replaced walking. The laptop enhanced our experience of the desktop computer as well as the internet. Similarly, the smartphone takes things a bit further, allowing us to do these things in a mobile and ambulatory fashion. Continually, we make innovations at break neck speed. They say Moore’s Law will soon be “dead” by 2036 as we continue to outpace the rate of expected innovation. (Source).

With that being said, the modern tech sales professional needs to understand the depth and breadth, not only of the technologies that they sell, but of the technologies all around them. Your prospects have an abundance of choice and choosing the wrong software solution could be like multiplying their business by 0. Ergo, as a new tech sales professional you have to be a trusted advisor. Knowing things about your technology, as well as all the other tech around you, requires a genuine curiosity. It helps you excel in the role, and it helps your customers make better, more informed decisions. This is crucial for the livelihood of their business. If you have the desire to learn about all of the tech and take things apart and see how they work, then tech sales just might be the perfect role for you.

2. You have a passion for problem solving

When your customers come to you, at that point, usually they have some kind of problem. If you sell a CRM solution, they might have a problem with spreadsheets. If you sell an accounting solution like Quickbooks, then perhaps they might have a problem with manual bookkeeping. If you sell a cloud platform, perhaps they might have a problem with hosting their solution on-prem, or with having a monolithic setup. At any rate, businesses usually don’t buy software for fun or pleasure. They buy because they have a problem and they want to get away from pain. When they come to you, as a new tech sales professional, you have to be well versed in understanding their problems, as well as how your solutions can alleviate their pain. Ultimately, this is only a part of it. But at all times, you must be solution oriented for the sake of your client’s needs.

3. You gain satisfaction from helping others

Sometimes sales can feel like a thankless job. But, other times it can be truly rewarding when you have a chance to help a business to implement a solution that has a visible impact on their operations. This joy is extended further in the fact that, often, you can form genuine relationships and connections with your customers that extend just beyond your software solution. Even better than your personal satisfaction of a job well done, is the recognition of your customers that you were an integral part in helping solve a major problem for their business. If you like helping others, then perhaps tech sales might be the job for you.

4. You enjoy incentive and reward ($$$)

Okay, so, I know this is the part you were waiting for. The money! Yes, it is somewhat true. You can earn a respectable wage with tech sales. However, I would argue that it is not as easy as the Tik Tok and Youtube influencers make it seem. You don’t just take a course in 2 weeks, show up to the interviews, then start cashing big checks. The reality is that you start at a somewhat modest pay. Then you work your way up. You work hard. You wait. You work hard some more. You get paid. And then you work hard some more. There’s really no two or three ways about it. If you think you’re going to show up in tech sales and start running up the bag like this is wolf of wall street, then I have a bridge in the atlantic ocean I can sell you. However, if you’re willing to show up, and take the YEARS that it takes to learn these skills and master it. Then, and only then, if you stick around will you (maybe) see some of these lucrative numbers that the influencers talk about.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to do this, stick around and I’ll be sharing more of this content on my blog. Otherwise, feel free to drop a comment, reach out to me on LinkedIn, or fill out my contact form if you have any questions.

All the best, TJ

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